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Sadie Rob here!

I have loved getting to know every single one of the leaders of the awake group studies and also loved everything about the stories I have heard from week one. It’s only the beginning of such an amazing journey together and I can’t wait for Thursday to chat more about how everything went for your first week!if you haven’t done week one yet I’m super pumped for you to get started I hear that it’s been truly amazing and so transparent and I’m so thankful for the hand of God in every one of y’all‘s home and hearts. love you each and love you tons - XO Sadie

xoxo Sadie Rob

P.S. Weekly live chats every Thursday at 8pm CT!



Week 8 - Unshakeable

Week 7 - Unwavering

Craft items needed: 
-Fabric (included)
-Wood dowels (included)
-Marker pen or sharpie or paint (your color of choice

Download the banner stencil here :) 

Week 6 - Unqualified




Week 5 - Awaken



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Week 4 - Fear of God


Week 3 - Victory

Click here to download the coloring page :) Feel free to doodle and fill out the white space with your thoughts, dreams, and prayers.

Week 2 - Reverence & Willingness

Are you asking Him to speak? Are you listening? Are you willing to obey? There are some tough questions this week as we dive into the meaning of reverence. Be sure to read through Genesis 17, Joshua 5:14-6:7, and Matthew 26:39.

Week 2 - Dance it Out


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Week 1 - Consecrate 

Spend time preparing for your first week of group. Take a few minutes to watch week 1 before you start leading your group! We'll start next week, April 19th!


This is a group craft declaring the things that God as placed in your groups hearts! Have each group member write down a declaration and place them inside of the prayer garland shapes.

Items needed:

-Pen or pencil
-Glue or Modge Podge
-Diamond stencil download here